Tai Chi

Recently, the Figure Dance by Jung Dayeon is very popular in Asian countries. There are also many video clips of these Korean aerobic series on YouTube. Many people are worried about their figures due to their lack of daily exercises. Of course people can play some sports such as basketball, tennis, and running instead of doing aerobics. Or they can just go to the gym to take more intense exercises. But as a female, I don’t want to see my breasts and hips turn into hard, flat muscles. Yoga is also popular but you need a yoga instructor to help you do it correctly or you’ll just hurt your body.

So I tried the Jung Dayeon aerobics like many of my friends did. It’s good I would say. The series have different targets and different time lengths, which should work for most people. But for me, they have a big imperfection. Like other aerobics, ¬†their moves are not elegant. I would feel awkward if somebody saw me doing these aerobics. Talking about elegant exercises, here I recommend Tai Chi.

Although Tai Chi is not the type that you can do with playing a video, it’s way more healthier than any other exercises. It’s common sense in China that doing Tai Chi can prolong life. And I’ve never seen anyone doing Tai Chi every day fail to lose weight. The traditional Tai Chi takes only 10 mins but you have to stick to that 10 mins a day. The entire moves are continuous in a slow pace.

Like Yoga, Tai Chi also requires inner peace. Tai Chi was invented as a martial art based on the philosophy of “overcoming firmness by gentleness.” When doing Tai Chi, try to imagine that your power is turning into water or cloud. You embrace the power and then you dissipate the power. Thus, Tai Chi not only betters your physical health, it also betters your mental health. It helps you see through the gain and loss in our lives.

I learned to do Tai Chi in high school, but now I have forgotten most of it. I searched a Tai Chi video on YouTube and followed it. It turned out my movements was like a monkey dancing. But even I didn’t do it correctly, I felt relaxed and had fun. Thus, I really encourage you to try it. Here’s a website with pictures of detailed Tai Chi moves that can help you to kick start:¬†http://www.hongwutaichi.com/hongwutaichi_24_Tai_Chi_Movements.html